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Law Enforcement, Real-Time Data Collection, Crime Analytics & Fraud/Identity Theft, Perceptive Intelligence Solutions

Perceptive Intelligence

Cross Border/Agency shared information & Currency Tracking Instantaneous Connections

CCTV Auditing Solutions

Our leadership are former law enforcement officers who developed LENSS.  It is all about DATA!

The responsibility of Policing Best Practices has never been so vital in this ever changing society of fingers and thumbs.  As keynote speakers we bring the facts of demanded communications and interactions that are necessary today.

It is the Street Level understanding of the necessity of shared information that protects officers, assists communities, proactively solves and prevents crimes.

The LENSS (Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution) platform is a proprietary/patented proven solution that connects all officers working known or unknown cases.  Sharing background perpetual information via a CJIS compliant Cloud-based platform.

The LENSS Currency Tracking module is for ‘Drug Buy or Organization Crime Funds’ which are today photocopied and lost in fling cabinets.  Not any more with LENSS, the utilization of scanning currency notes, recording the serial number, photograph front and back, attaching a secure case number and placing in the cloud is unique and the only solution on the planet.

An officer who stops an individual with suspicious amounts of cash can now enter the serial numbers via Smartphone or laptop computer, if there is a match, the officer’s who upload the original funds is notified instantaneously via SMS Text and Email.



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