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We must not ignore what is happening on the streets of Des Moines and the major cities of Iowa.  

Fifteen murders, one every ten days is occurring on your doorsteps so far this year!

Crime is increasing and society wants to do something, but does nothing!  

Compared with other US cities it is small, that though is no excuse to do nothing!

 That is all about to change!

 Ignorance is bliss 

 None of My Business 

 I’m Sorry, But What They Do Does Not Affect Me 

 I Don’t Live There 

 NIMBY (Not In MY Backyard) 

 Why Should I Care?

We have heard every excuse under the sun for problems that surround businesses, socially and commercially and are they all lame!  States, Cities, Neighborhoods and Communities are rife with crime, intimidation, social and economic destruction. Do not tell me about the deforestation of the Amazon Forest, although terrible, look at the decline of a civilization of your own surroundings!

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