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Red Tagged is your Cyber Security Stewardship

Have your company protected, eliminate those security threats for a more secure existence


Organizations of all sizes face a constant barrage of data security threats.  Botnets, malware, worms and hacking are just a few things that keep IT managers and small business owners awake at night, wondering if their network is safe and strong enough to deflect the next attack.  Rather than reaching for a sleep aid to get through the night, you need a coherent way to prioritize and address data security risks.

Too many organizations are overwhelmed and either suffer from a “security paralysis,” or attempt to apply a few “best practices” in the hope that what worked for another company will work for them.  Neither of these approaches is a rational strategy for protecting information assets or for maximizing the value returned from security investments.

Privacy Assessment

Our Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA’s) will help organizations identify the most effective way to comply with their data protection obligations and meet individuals’ expectations of privacy. Our PIA will allow organizations to identify and fix problems at an early stage throughout its complete infrastructure and IT architecture. This assessment reducing the associated costs and damage to reputation which might otherwise occur and protects the organizations against E.U. privacy violation penalties.

Our code explains the principles which form the basis for a PIA. The main body of the code sets out the basic steps which an organization should carry out during the assessment process. The practical implementation of the basic principles will depend on the organization's usual business practice.

Security Assessment

The goal of a security assessment (also known as a security audit, security review, or network assessment, is to ensure that necessary security controls are integrated into the design and implementation of a project. Provide documentation outlining any security gaps between a project design and approved corporate security policies.

Red Tagged mitigates your risk without sacrificing business potential. Our dedicated team of security consultants brings real-world experience, technical aptitude and broad industry knowledge to every project. Our security experts assess your physical and logical environment using a customized approach and proven methodologies — ensuring thorough testing and analysis of your environment.

Data Assessment

Red Tagged Data Security team helps you to identify, classify and secure your data. Our consultants recognize your business drivers and goals to tailor security solutions that meet your specific demands and objectives. Using a proven methodology, our consultants examine your current business processes, existing security controls, data repositories and consumers, and external connections. Then they create a data flow analysis that clearly describes where your sensitive data is at rest, in use and/or in motion. Working with your stakeholders, our consultants map your data flows, classify data/content and develop the appropriate strategies and controls to ensure your data is managed securely and will be future prove.

Trusted Remedy

Trusted Remedy is our toolbox combining a full set of security solutions to detect, repair and remove cyber violations and threats including a top notch security consultancies retainer. Our consultants have developed a unique situational security awareness program based on people, processes and technology. Trusted Remedy will leave you with a tailored solution to prevent incidents and future guidelines arming you against unwanted leaks through employees, government and or hackers.

Malware Threat Defender

Our Breach Assessment is focused on the clear identification of potential attack targets,

such as business-critical Intellectual Property (IP), restricted client data (e.g., health records) and On-line businesses. This assessment can be conducted remotely, onsite or a combination of the two.

The remote Assessment leverages an organization’s public domain exposure (e.g., social media network, Phishing and Spear phishing, telephone pretexting, etc.) to introduce electronic- and logic-based attack scenarios.

The Onsite Breach Assessment introduces attack techniques, such as covert physical deterrent bypass (e.g., lock-picking, motion sensor bypass, ventilation entry, etc.) and onsite social engineering pretexts. Once threats are detected our consultants will remove these threats without paralyzing the organization.

Web Protection

Our round the clock web protection keeps your company technically safe from security breaches, legal liability and costly virus clean-ups by blocking malicious websites and receiving alerts about bandwidth consumption. Video chats, streaming media and continual content downloads increase the drain on company bandwidth. If done in excess, these bandwidth-hogging actions can slow down business operations dramatically or even resulting into a complete stop. Stay on top of bandwidth usage with alerts when devices exceed thresholds so you can quickly take action to avoid unwanted costs or a slow network.

Product Evaluation/Review

Through our immense expertise within the computer industry, going back to 1976, we firmly believe and have proven that our foresight and ingenuity has paid off.

Products are being invented and funded by the second and knowing you are on the right path is so important.

Being so close to a project can blind you with the enthusiasm of the moment.  It is that second unbiased opinion and suggestions that will make or break a project.

Redtagged.us is your company who will evaluate in the real world and supply you with the direct information without being directly involved in your project.

Red Tagged can be likened to that Grandfather who listens, reviews and then tells like it is!

WE all want success and there are some amazing ideas, concepts and creations, such a volume, much is missed.

Red Tagged is a part of a global group of companies and has an age range of teens to, well, a little older with experience and a mindset of the needs of IoT.

We can discuss you products you are wishing to bring to market and before you take the final step, we shall share our opinions and discuss your potential.

Contact us direct productreview@redtagged.us

Penetration Testing (Pen Test)

A penetration test, or sometimes called pentest, is a software attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the computer's features and data. A Pentest simulates a hack or Phishing attack to show the vulnerabilities of the IT system to prove the system is not secured or protected.

Our approach typically identifies the target systems and a particular goal—then reviews available information and undertakes various means to attain the goal.

A penetration test can help determine whether a system is vulnerable to attack, if the defenses were sufficient, and which defenses (if any) the test defeated.

Security issues that the penetration test uncovers should be reported to the system owner. Penetration test reports may also assess potential impacts to the organization and suggest countermeasures to reduce risk.

Hackers Decoy

Our in house developed Decoy can fill the growing gaps left by conventional IDS servers, which suffer from false positives and a lack of alert intelligence. As a result, we're going to see much wider deployments in the next few years. That's not to say our decoy will replace IDS servers. Each technology has its strengths and limitations. What we're likely to see is a marriage of the two, dramatically improving intrusion detection. In this scenario, both technologies will log to a central database, correlating information.The Decoy once installed, will reduce false positives by identifying attacks for which the IDS doesn't have signatures. On the other hand, IDS sensors address the fact that Decoy's can't monitor all network activity. Our Decoy doesn't emulate services, instead, it creates multiple instances of "real" operating systems. Attackers then interact with the applications simulated on these "real" operating systems. When someone attempts to communicate with our Decoy --which is installed on a single server-- it creates a virtual honeypot that interacts with the attacker. Honey Cast also has the capability to detect activity on any TCP/UDP port, even if the connection is encrypted or uses IPv6 to tunnel traffic.

E-2-E Encryption

New ways to attack enterprise applications in the Cloud or on the corporate network are constantly on the rise. At the same time, application and network requirements are growing more complex.

To take full advantage of Internet and cloud infrastructures, enterprises must be able to guarantee both the security of business communications and the protection of internal resources, while addressing the challenges of availability, performance, and scalability for mission-critical applications, and of course still allow for user and administrator convenience.

Our solution is a (virtual) appliance based product which seamlessly fits into your existing network infrastructure. It automatically creates, distributes, and (de)installs, short-lived X.509 user certificates with corresponding cryptographic key-pairs, for the purpose of user & device credentialing and secure access control.

Online Threat Monitoring

Our easy-to-use, cloud-based Web Shield enables you to quickly gain control of user web browsing. No dedicated server or proxies to configure. Simply apply web content filtering policies across more than 80 website categories to help users stay productive and protect your business from legal liability.

Non-stop security shouldn’t be considered a luxury. Web Shield runs security updates every 5 minutes to safeguard your machines from the latest online threats. Your systems are continuously protected, which reduces the risk of data breaches and setbacks in productivity. At a glance, you can view web usage of your network. Plus you will receive instant notifications that alert you to breaches in Internet-usage policies and attempts to upload data files that surpass a configured threshold. Any new unidentified threat will be communicated with Malware and anti Virus companies like Norton, AVG, etc.

Security Risk Stewardship

After a security breach, organizations are often left with egg on their faces, with the public asking why none of the risks were considered. In some instances, someone forgot to follow policy. Other times, there was no policy in the first place. Boards are having to learn about security the hard way, but that given the impact of security breaches, they are beginning to learn fast. "They've got bigger things to fry. Security is one of those areas that thrives on paranoia; it thrives on the incident reaction. It's not something that the board is concerned about — shareholder value, profits — it's less concerned with operational aspect," is feedback we receive most of the time. "They will learn pretty quickly in the event of an incident. A lot of it will be reactionary. It won't be proactive."

 With our Stewardship approach we not only implement the right tools to identify and protect organizations in the earliest stage possible but we also educate users and board members how to become Stewards themselves. Together with the organization we setup some basic security rules. Most of the breaches starts from the inside.