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What does it mean to be a connected brand?

We are fast approaching the day when people will expect the convenience of every product, ad, and package to be linked to the Internet for immediate mobile engagement. Customers want to connect in the critical moments when they are gathering information, making a purchase, or need support.

The companies that excel at optimizing customer experiences go beyond what they think the customer wants and instead enlist their customers to choose from a range of relevant, measurable options. The data from customer-initiated interactions is the key to connecting the data dots for personalized content and ease of interaction.

A connected brand engages customers directly from its products, packaging, and print media. “Being connected” means letting a customer launch a “how-to” video from packaging, instantly reorder refills from the product itself, or initiate a support chat session, primed with a product’s model, location, and owner.

This new instant relevance opens the door to sustained engagement where content evolves with the life or location of the product (e.g., promotional content for a blender located in-store, followed by a recipe of the moment from the same blender once home).

A platform brings intelligence to QR codes, NFC tags, and beacons.

QR codes, NFC tags, and beacons bridge physical things and places to online content. Depending on their location — on a product, in print, near a service, on signage — these can be visual (QR codes), wireless (Bluetooth beacons), or tactile (NFC tags). All serve the same basic functions. They reduce friction in a customer’s journey by making direct interaction with the brand easier. From simple information gathering to instant personalized support, this newfound easy access benefits both the customer and the brand.

What does it mean to be a connected brand?

Historically, codes, tags, and beacons have not been suitable to deliver “connected” experiences. QR codes and NFC tags have been slow, did not allow contextual updates, and were not meaningful enough because they were limited to a single link, which could not adequately meet the many needs of a diverse customer base. This has now changed.

With multi-action functionality, a QR code can deliver a curated page of results relevant to a specific product so the customer can pick the one that fits their need.

This approach drives QR code use because it corrects their dominant flaw, which is that they do not often enough meet users’ needs. A one-size-fits-all solution is rarely popular. And because users don’t all have the same need, the only way to have the right solution most of the time is to offer options.

As an example, consider a QR code (or NFC tag) on an electronics product. If instead of a single option, the QR’s search page shows a dozen results such as are listed below, then there is a high likelihood that one or more of these options will be of value:

Allowing multiple results makes it infinitely easier to produce content for QR codes. For marketers, it's a challenge to develop the perfect content solution for a diverse range of customers. Offering multiple options is simplified by utilizing a range of existing web content with links that are relevant to a specific place or product. The ability to begin with a single link and to add others later further simplifies the task.

The EQR platform revamps the utility of codes, tags, and beacons by bringing them into a common platform where their function can be augmented. They’re no longer slow and mysterious, thanks to our platform’s ability to add context, apply business rules, speed interactions, and offer options to enhance relevance.

For customers, it creates a transformational experience that delivers better content faster. For brands, it creates the ability to deliver meaningful experiences with direct measurement of what works.

Faster, smarter and more convenient experiences.


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