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So what’s the difference between EQR Codes and other QR or NFC platforms?

With the EQR platform, you can create richer, more diverse QR experiences… the kind people return to and use again.

A quick comparison shows just how innovative the EQR experience is.

To begin, a regular QR code typically points to a destination URL or to a “landing page”:

The "regular" QR experience.

Other QR platforms let you make this basic experience a little more dynamic by letting you change the destination, but they typically put limits on the number of scans allowed, the number of QR codes in an account, and/or the number of landing pages.

With EQR, you get this basic functionality without the limits of other platforms.

The advanced multi-action QR experience.

Advanced Features

Beyond the basics, the EQR platform offers advanced multi-action displays -- something the other platforms don’t offer. These advanced features are completely optional, and you only pay a small per-tap fee if you do decide to use them.

This additional functionality is where the EQR platform is uniquely superior. Instead of a single redirect or landing page per scan, EQR allows multiple links and actions from a single QR code:

In this example, instead of one link to a main website, the user also has previews of several other relevant options, including access to multiple landing pages.

This user is much more likely to find what they need, and be pleased by the interaction.

The experience also has a conversational cadence. One where the marketer offers a selection of options and the end-user tells them which they want. With this new and improved experience, users will begin to recognize the QR code as a convenient information resource for later reference. They will become repeat users, and the channel will grow in effectiveness.

Adding multiple actions to a EQR code is easy.

Different actions for different audiences.

The EQR platform also incorporates conditional content controls. From a single QR code, administrators can easily offer a completely different selection of actions for different audiences. Users viewing the EQR code with a standard scanner, like those in Apple’s iOS camera, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, or Facebook will see the standard content.

However, those who scan with a brand’s app that uses the lightweight EQR Software Development Kit (EQR SDK) can have convenient access to loyal customer, or owner-specific reference information and tools. Check out the EQR Browser in the iTunes App Store. In addition to being a fully-functioning QR, NFC and Physical Web beacon scanner, it doubles as a showcase of our SDK that enables third-party apps with multi-action capabilities and the added benefits of personalization and security from malicious content. Mobile apps that use the EQR SDK will be able to replicate the user experiences available now in the EQR Browser.

Taking a step farther a separate audience using a third-party affiliate app (also with the EQRSDK) can access completely different content that is more relevant to that brand’s audience. Use of EQRSDK is included with all subscriptions.

The multi-action difference: Metrics.

The multi-action difference is even more pronounced because the EQR platform is the only QR platform that tracks impressions and click-throughs in addition to scans.

When you offer options to your customers, you can quickly learn their content preferences by monitoring the impression to click-through ratios for each action:

So the choice is...

A single link with bare-bones scan counts by device type... Or the richer customer experiences of multi-action links with metrics that provide tracking and a real time-feedback loop of overall scans, impressions, and taps, where you can see the overall effectiveness of each QR code (or NFC tag) and an additional layer of content metrics for each action presented, so you know exactly what people want and you can continually enhance the customer experience?

There’s a whole lot of contextual data variables tracking that we’re not showing here, as well as enterprise-scale features like multi-level admin and API platform control.

Give it a try and see for yourself how easy it is.

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