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Political Lobbying Just Moved Into the 21st Century!

This is the season of Political Lobbying and even more than ever before!  Each year, as politicians go back their Capitols to represent the people, there is a secondary large group which begins the lobbying for a myriad of issues that business and the people want to be enacted.

So, what is a lobbyist and how do they work and has there been a change?

‘Lobbying, any attempt by individuals or private interest groups to influence the decisions of government; in its original meaning, it referred to efforts to influence the votes of legislators, generally in the lobby outside the legislative chamber. Lobbying in some form is inevitable in any political system.’

They vocally attempt to talk to the politicians on both sides of the aisles to influence their votes within the chambers.  Hundreds of them clambering for the individual and groups of sympathetic legislators.  Surely in 2018, there is a more direct method of communicating their concerns?

There is!

ProxComm Direct Lobbying Beacons+QR Codes are the only direct means to actually reach all politicians, right in the palm of their hand or on their person, with their Smartphone.  Everyone carries one, we cannot live without one!         


While the lobbyist is garnering the attention of the politician, the ProxComm Direct Lobbying Beacon is transmitting a notification which is received by Smartphones via Bluetooth (BLE) and Location Services.  When they are within a 300-foot radius of the legislators, the notification and information is received on their Smartphone and gains the attention in more than just words!

The ProxComm Direct Lobbying Beacons broadcasts up to ten individual notifications/messages or calls for action, which is unheard of!  

The most powerful communicator ProxComm created.  Multiple notifications with solid actions.  Yes, more than your voice and words can carry directly to the politicians!

Political Lobbying has moved into a whole different sphere of information dissemination! More productive than ever, as the politician has now received the information they can read, view as a video, print and save!

It is the most direct proprietary move in technology history! ProxComm Direct Lobbying Beacons have been in use by ProxComm globally for the last three years within retail, corporate offices, healthcare, real-estate, museums, political candidates, when stomping for votes and much more, ProxComm is the world’s communication leader of the push/pull information.

More than affordable and has a no-contract approach.  Use during the legislator’s season or continue throughout the year, your decision.  

ProxComm Direct Lobbying Beacons have a political plan for you, call us and let us discuss on improving your direct communications.

So, visit one of the websites on your Smartphone and find out for yourself!


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