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Proximity Social Marketing flows within our corporate DNA, our founder, Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO CommSmart Global Group to 1976 and the ComputerMart Computer Company in Great Britain, the first to bring micro-computers with authentic proprietary software.  Which then, was truly created in the moment, as there was none!  Everything was a bespoke package, opening a new frontier of resolutions and solutions.

This success was followed in 1982 by the first quasi-email solution in the USA, Ashton, as Commercial Data Bank’s driving force, introduced the usage of Texas Instruments ‘dumb’ terminals for access to mailboxes, which was then, way-ahead of its time.  It grew to use Epson’s foray into computers with the DX 10 and HX 20 which most of you have never heard of or even seen.  Most thought that Epson was just a printer company.

Digital pen technology, by Anoto, offered ‘outside of the box thinking’ for uses that solved transmission of information via the written word for our part in the war zones of the Middle East.

Ashton developed ‘Atmospherics’ which gathers all forms of information, data, and analysis for implementation in Iraq, which has saved numerous lives and furthered our capabilities to succeed on being ahead of the intelligence gathering curve.  It continues today to be used by governments to fight the terroristic ideology and cultures that are attacking the Western world.

Analytics and algorithms have played a major role in the company, now with our risk solutions partner, LexisNexis, we have our Accurint Virtual Crime Center, which is a total Link Analysis solution to fight crime, combined with our vast access to the largest repository of public data.  Our success and capabilities are endless.


RecoupeIT, which Reunites Revenues with Government, debt collection through the use of public data and our retired law enforcement officers who continue to use the hard and soft skill sets to recoup missing revenues successfully.

It does not stop there, Social Media Interaction has been a major part of our growth with the ability to create proactive social media information with calls to action and combining with GO Proximity Marketing at our forefront as pioneers in the advertising/information communications field.


Our social media skills are used by law enforcement to drill down of the ‘bad guys’ who cannot keep the mouths shut whilst using their fingers and thumbs to tell their friends of their achievement, whilst allow law enforcement to see all!

Seven years ago Ashton combined weak Bluetooth with capabilities to utilize another communications platform to be sent to devices, Smartphones were in their infancy and internal capability limited.  It was cost prohibitive to even attempt to market the unique communication tool.

Not anymore! Our LE Bluetooth potential and solutions are endless, as you will all witness over the months and years. (See Go Marketing)

We have been deeply entrenched in computer development, data capture, algorithmic combinations, predictive analytics, and marketing since 1976 and have achieved with the team, milestones in the introduction of what some call, dysfunctional technology. Which it certainly is!

Proximity Social Marketing with our GO Proximity capabilities is not only the latest, it is the only concise and targeted device without the loss or invasion of privacy available to all businesses no matter what size or marketing budget.


It is an introduction to extreme changes in how marketing and advertising are utilized as our technology that is in the palm of our hand grows by leaps and bounds.

Radiated proximity marketing is endless, especially when working alongside the right team.  

Join us and establish how we can change your business forever!

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